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Angelfish Designs brings to sparkling reality jewelry designer Lauren Fish’s lifelong dream of creating exquisite pieces of enduring beauty. Through the years, Lauren would take a circuitous path in search of the perfect expression of her talent, before inevitably finding it in jewelry design.

As a Fine Arts major at the University of Arizona, Lauren enjoyed a variety of creative pursuits including production, set and costume design for the stage. After graduating in 1997, she started her own business, Absolute Perfection Wedding Consulting and Design - enabling her to oversee a wider artistic panorama. When she was asked to include bridal jewelry in a total wedding package, as fate would have it, Lauren informed her client that she designed jewelry as a hobby and could create the pieces herself. Shortly after, as she consistently began to receive orders for her jewelry, it was obvious to Lauren where the path of her artistic creativity was leading her.

Established in 2003, Angelfish Designs provided the focus for Lauren’s boundless creative energy. To hone her craft, Lauren enrolled at the Gemological Institute of America and earned degrees in the Graduate Jeweler, Jewelry Design, Casting and Computer - Aided Design programs.

Angelfish Designs sets this season ablaze with a meticulously handcrafted collection of stunning pieces guaranteed to add a glow to any wardrobe. With its array of day to evening jewelry, Angelfish accessorizes today’s fashions with ease and elegance both timely and timeless. The very latest collection highlights colors that complement the brilliant looks of the season with semi precious to precious stones against dazzling settings of 14K yellow and white gold, gold filled, sterling silver and bronze.